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Tourism in Australia is the first resource of the country. Natural resources are in abundance, you will have the pleasure to visit very different landscapes.

Your trip will start well before you will arrive in Australia. Indeed, you have to plan well in advance your itinerary. Why? Australia is 14 times the size of France for example.

It means you will have to select where you want to go!

Beaches, mountains, cultural visits, historical places…the choice is huge.

Tours – destinations not to miss

Australian states

Great Barrier Reef | Uluru – Ayers Rock | Phillip Island | Kangaroo Island | Savannah Way| Blue Mountains | Sovereign Hill

Travel Australia

Discover the wonderful Island of Phillip Island

Visit Phillip Island

Located at only one hour and a half drive from Melbourne,
you will be able to discover there many different wild species and amazing landscapes.

Don’t miss out on the little penguins and animals sanctuaries. A destination to discover!
It’s easy to find great activities for families or couples. Philip Island is known as the weekend gateway for the Melbournians.

Find out more about Phillip Island.

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